September 2020: Top spenders, movers & shakers

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3 min readOct 14, 2020


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Below we’ve detailed the podcast advertisers with the largest month over month increase between August and September 2020.

Top movers and shakers in September

Spotlight: Hubspot

Hubspot is a leading inbound marketing, sales, and customer service software provider that launched in 2006. This year it recorded over $200mm in Q2 revenue and announced a new end-to-end sales hub product line. For a company that has seen such success and continued growth during a global pandemic, it comes as no surprise that Hubspot has also stepped up its advertising on podcasts. In fact from August 2020 to September 2020, Magellan AI detected a 580% increase in ad dollars spent. This was the largest month-to-month increase in spending for Hubspot since Magellan AI first detected podcast ads for Hubpot in early 2019.

Hubspot, a direct response advertiser, spent a total of $1.15mm on podcasts in September. Here you can listen to some example ads for each of the following podcasts: How I Built This with Guy Raz, Reply All, and Crime Countdown.

Spotlight: Twilio

Twilio is another software and cloud communications company that has had considerable success over the past couple years. According to Zacks Equity Research, Twilio’s quarterly revenue is estimated to grow 36% from last year. Recently, the growth of Twilio has been evidenced by their recent acquisition of Segment for $3.2b and their first big foray into the world of podcast advertising. Although Magellan AI first detected ads for Twilio on podcasts in early 2018, September 2020 marks the first month where Twilio spent more than $10k in a month.

Twilio, a direct response advertiser, spent a total of $1.08mm on podcasts in September. Here you can listen to some example ads for each of the following podcasts:The Rachel Maddow Show, TED Radio Hour, and Today, Explained.

Spotlight: Joe Biden for President

We are less than a month away from the 2020 U.S. presidential election and the race has heated up with all the news coming out of The White House and Capitol Hill. Perhaps due to the news, it is somewhat overlooked how much Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign has fundraised for his election. According to OpenSectrets, Biden’s campaign currently has $180mm cash on hand, which is significant compared to Trump’s campaign, which has $121mm cash on hand. With such a significant difference in fundraising and cash on hand, it is a little surprising that we have only now seen Joe Biden For President on the top shakers list. By contrast Donald J. Trump for President has been spending ad dollars on podcasts since mid 2019, but has tapered off in recent months. In fact they only spent $22k on podcast ads in September 2020.

Joe Biden for President, a brand awareness advertiser, spent $162k on podcasts in September. Here you can listen to some example ads for each of the following podcasts: The Steve Harvey Morning Show, The Breakfast Club and Freakonomics Radio


Magellan AI analyzes podcast advertising data from the top 3,000 podcasts in the U.S., as ranked by Apple Podcasts. For parts of this analysis, we relied on Magellan AI’s proprietary model to estimate advertising spend. Our model incorporates a number of factors, including:

  • The number of ads and variation in ad load detected for a given episode
  • Number of downloads for each episode
  • CPM, as reported on select media kits and estimated based on popularity

From time to time we adjust our model based on new inputs and user input.

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