Recap: Magellan AI at The X Fronts

In the inaugural year for The X Fronts, it was clear that indie podcasters can bring just as much star power as their big-network counterparts. The lineup of speakers included Busy Philipps, Nicole Byer, Lisa Vanderpump, and Lauren Lapkus joined by representatives from Crooked Media, Kast Media, Cloud10 and Headgum, all streamed live on The sessions were fast paced, informative, and entertaining ultimately providing a fantastic preview of new shows we can expect to see in the coming months.

Among the upfronts and famous cameos, John Goforth, Head of Sales at Magellan AI had the opportunity to share the virtual stage with Martha Gallant, Growth Marketing Manager at Helix Sleep. An avid user of Magellan AI, Martha shared valuable insights about how she uses Magellan AI to keep tabs on her competition and grow Helix’s podcast advertising.

The direct-to-consumer mattress industry exploded in recent years and while Martha referred to them as “friendly competition,” Helix Sleep still wants to ensure competitive exclusivity on the shows they work with. She looks for those “untouched gems” in Magellan AI and digs into their previous advertisers to understand their history with mattress brands. She added, “we don’t want to take sloppy seconds.”

Every host that Helix works with receives an extensive onboarding experience so they can give a truthful endorsement. When the ads start running, Martha relies on Magellan AI’s airchecks to verify that the ad ran and that it’s in the episode as scheduled. Being able to hear the ad within 24 hours after it’s released allows her to give feedback and suggestions before the next ad runs.

Martha is one of hundreds of users who rely on Magellan AI every day for podcast media planning, verification and measurement. Using machine learning to process hundreds of thousands of podcast episodes, Magellan AI has created the world’s largest database of podcast advertising data — covering activity by more than 18,750 brands across over 21,000 shows. We are so grateful for Martha’s time and the opportunity to participate in The X Fronts!

Watch the full recording of the session at the link below.

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