Podcast advertising in a pandemic — Magellan AI releases latest report

We looked into how coronavirus is impacting podcast advertising in our latest whitepaper. Download the free report here.


The coronavirus has caused major disruptions in almost every industry, and podcasting has been no exception. In response, the question on the top of everybody’s mind has been about how coronavirus has affected listenership and downloads, but that only tells part of the story.

  • Which categories of advertisers have spent more or less money?
  • Which genres have seen the biggest changes in ad revenue?
  • How has coronavirus changed the content of podcasts?
  • How have podcast hosts incorporated coronavirus into their ad reads?
  • Which advertisers have been ramping up spending in response to coronavirus?


Magellan AI conducted an ad placement analysis to see how the volume of ad placements has been affected by coronavirus. Here’s what we found:

Ad volume analysis

Image for post
Image for post
All values in the graph above are a percentage of the total ad volume during the week of 1/6.

Download the free report here to see the rest.

About Magellan AI

Magellan AI is the definitive source of podcast advertising analytics. We capture all ads, whether host-read or pre-recorded, baked-in or dynamically inserted, and classify ads by podcast content, position, and strategy (brand awareness versus direct response). Using machine learning to process hundreds of thousands of podcast episodes, Magellan AI has created the world’s largest database of podcast advertising data — covering activity by more than 18,750 brands across over 21,000 shows. Industry leaders like SimpliSafe and The New York Times Company rely on Magellan AI for podcast media planning, verification and measurement.

Magellan AI helps leading podcast networks like WNYC, Gimlet Media and Wondery grow revenue. Discover 4,000+ brands advertising on podcasts at www.magellan.ai

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