May Top 15: Leesa Mattress, Harry’s Razors, and Postmates appear on the top 15 podcast advertisers list for the first time

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Leesa Mattress

Leesa Mattress is on our top 15 list for the first time, we first picked up ads for Leesa Mattress in September 2017. We picked up 4.5x more ads compared to April. In May, we picked them up on 30 podcasts — and 67% of the ads were on podcasts. They tested out nine podcasts for the first time. In this ad from Not Too Deep, the host talks about Leesa Mattress’s new and improved foam mattress. She also endorses the product by saying, “I now sleep on a Leesa and it’s absolutely wonderful.”

Also new to the list this month: Harry’s Razors and Postmates

We first picked up ads from Harry’s Razors and Postmates in September 2017, but this is the first time either band has been in the top 15.

Harry’s Razors ran 3.5x more ads in May than in April. We picked up ads on 49 podcasts, mostly on and podcasts. They tested out 31 new podcasts in May. Ads were similar to this pre-recorded ad on It Could Happen Here, which features a message from Harry’s Razors founder Andy. Other ads like this on The Tony Kornheiser Show, were host read and featured a similar message, however, the ad also included a personal endorsement of the product.

We picked up Postmates ads on 41 podcasts, with 45% of their ads being run on podcasts. They tested 17 new podcasts in May. In this ad on The Brilliant Idiots, the host talks about how Postmasts delivers food and groceries year-round, 24/7.

May 2019 Top 15

Magellan identified 1,476 brands or products advertised in pre- or mid-roll ads on the top 2,000 during the month. The top 15 are listed below. Click to play a sample ad for each advertiser:

  1. ZipRecruiter
  2. Geico
  3. BetterHelp
  4. Quip
  5. ThirdLove
  6. SimpliSafe
  7. Squarespace
  8. Audible
  9. Capital One
  10. Leesa Mattress
  11. Harry’s Razors
  12. HelloFresh
  14. Postmates
  15. SeatGeek


Every week, Magellan samples episodes from 2,000 shows that rank in the Top Podcasts view available through Apple Podcasts in the US. This sample includes up to two episodes from shows that published new episodes in May 2019.

The brands listed above were ranked by the number of individual pre- and mid-roll ads that appeared in our sample. Podcasts advertising on other podcasts, foundations, and those advertising on only one show were excluded from the sample.

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