84% of Home & Appliance brands are utilizing more than one ads spot per episode

We compared advertisers in the Home & Appliance category on the IAB’s Direct Brands To Watch list against Magellan’s database of more than 4,000 brands that have advertised on podcasts. Get the free report on the 13 brands running podcast ads.

The IAB recently released their annual list of the 250 Direct Brands To Watch. In this post, we analyze how the brands in the Home & Appliance industry on the list are using podcasts to reach customers.

This is part of our Industry Report Series covering each category on the IAB’s 250 Direct Brands to Watch. Read the first report in the series — containing an overview of podcast advertising activity by DTC brands — here. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to continue publishing deep-dives on each category of brands from the IAB’s list.

72% of the direct-to-consumer Home & Appliance brands featured on the IAB list have tried podcast advertising as part of their marketing strategy.

How many Home & Appliance brands are buying two spots on the same episode?

Eleven out of thirteen brands utilized more than one ad spot in a single podcast episode. Both Greetabl and Interior Define did not utilize more than one ad spot in a single podcast episode during their brief tests. Five brands utilized the pre-, mid-, and post-roll spot. 14.3% of episodes contained multiple ads from the same brand.

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We first picked up episodes from Joybird in January 2019.14% of the episodes contained both a pre- and mid-roll ad. They ran a pre- and mid-roll ad on the same episode of The BadChristian. During the pre-roll ad, the host talks briefly about how Joybird is revolutionizing online furniture shopping and provides a vanity URL to give their listeners 25% off their first purchase. The mid-roll ad was two minutes longer than the pre-roll ad. In the mid-roll ad, the host talks again about how Joybird is revolutionizing online furniture shopping, but also talks about their wide range of styles and fabrics, their free personal design consultants and their 365 day home trial. At the end of the ad the host shares the vanity URL and discount code again for listeners.

We picked up Casper ads on over 1,000 episodes. 16% of those episodes contained a pre- and mid-roll, while 3% contained a pre-, mid- and post-roll. We picked up a pre-, mid- and post-roll ad on an episode of Sandra. Both the pre- and post-roll ads were about 20 seconds long and mentioned a vanity URL and discount code for listeners to use. The mid-roll ad played into the theme of the show. It was a skit about one of the characters from the podcast looking for mattress recommendations and asking her AI Sandy for help. Sandy proceeds to tell her about Casper’s four layer foam mattress that gives extra support while you sleep. A vanity URL and discount code were shared at the end of the ad.

Click here to get the full report on these 13 brands for free.

Our analysis answers questions like:

  • What types of brands make up the Home & Appliance vertical?
  • Which Home & Appliance brands ran the most ads?
  • Which brands are no longer advertising on podcasts in 2019?
  • What kinds of podcasts are Home & Appliance brands advertising on?
  • Case Study: Casper and Leesa Mattress

Magellan AI creates tools that help marketers at brands like SimpliSafe, Wix, and ThredUP spend intelligently on podcast advertising. Podcast publishers like WNYC and Gimlet Media use Magellan to track advertisers spending money in the podcast space.

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