Four industries dominated Father’s Day ads on podcasts in 2018

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With Father’s Day coming up next month, we analyzed how advertisers leveraged this holiday to get their message across in podcast ads. In 2018, Magellan picked up a total of 157 ads from over 30 different advertisers running ads for Father’s Day on the top 400 podcasts.

Who advertised about Father’s Day in 2018?

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However, when we look at the volume of ads from each industry the data tells a different story. Although the shaving, gifts and men’s clothing industries contained the most brands, we picked up the most ads from the food and consumer electronics industries. Three food brands ran 21% of the ads, while two consumer electronics brands accounted for 17% of the Father’s Day ads. Overall, brands in the food, consumer electronics, gifts, men’s clothing industries accounted for 66% of the ads.

These advertisers mentioned Father’s Day the most:

  • Omaha Steaks
  • Man Crates
  • Tommy John
  • MVMT
  • Sonos

Where did Father’s Day ads run in 2018?

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“70% of the Father’s Day ads were run on podcasts in three Apple Podcast Categories — Sports & Recreation, Comedy, and News & Politics.”

The top five shows that ran Father’s Day-specific ads were:

What did hosts talk about in these ads?

Tommy John’s ads for Father’s Day talked about the fit and functionality of their underwear and their shirts that never shrink. They also promoted their limited edition Father’s Day pack. In this host read mid-roll ad from Pod Save America, the host mentions the above talking points and also said that he uses the product himself. They offer their listeners 20% off by going to

Omaha Steaks ran ads for Father’s Day promoting their special Father’s Day pack. They offered 78% off the Father’s Day packs that included: filet mignons, chicken fried steak, meatballs, steakhouse fries and more. Ads were similar to this host read ad from Spittin Chiclets. The host starts off by personally endorsing Omaha Steaks, then continues to talk about the items included in the Father’s Day pack. Listeners are directed to go to and use Chiclets in the search bar.

So who’s advertising about Father’s Day on podcasts?

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