Blue Apron, Care/of and 28 more podcast advertisers went “back to school” in 2018

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With back to school time approaching faster than many of us would like, we analyzed how advertisers leverage back to school to get their message across in podcast ads. In 2018, Magellan picked up ads from 30 advertisers running back to school ads on the top 400 podcasts.

Who ran back to school ads?

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Top 5 advertisers running back to school ads:

  1. Staples
  3. Care/of
  4. Lands’ End
  5. Blue Apron and Target

What did the hosts talk about in these ads? ran radio-style ads on podcasts promoting back to school items that you can purchase on their site. In this ad from the Adam Carolla Show, they mention items that are likely to excite kids like “zebra lunchboxes” and getting back to school items without the hassle of stores.

Care/of ran ads talking about always being on the go and not having enough time to devote to your health with the start of school. In this host read ad from The Read, the hosts talk about how Care/of can make taking care of yourself easy with their vitamins.

Lands’ End ran ads promoting back to school shopping for kids. In their ads, they talked about their backpacks and clothing. In this host read ad from The Longest Shortest Time, Hillary talks about the Land’s End backpacks and how her kid’s backpacks from them match their personalities. At the end of the ad, she mentions that Lands’ End has all your kids must haves for back to school.

Blue Apron’s ads are all about making back to school easier with their 20 minute meals. Ads from Blue Apron include hosts talking about one of the meals they made from their box along with a time-saving message. For example, in this ad from Serial Killers, the host talks about being busy with driving her kids back and forth from school. Blue Apron saves her time with their easy 20 minute meals. Both of the hosts mention their favorite meals from the box.

Target’s ads are focused on getting everything your kids need for their first day of school, from school supplies to clothing. In this ad from The Book, the host talks about getting everything on your kid’s list for their first day of school and every day.

Where did brands advertise?

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Typically we don’t see TV & Film or Kids & Family among our top Apple Podcast categories. Ads from Q1 ’19 were found mainly on Comedy, News & Politics, and Society & Culture versus back to school ads. Ads for back to school ads were found in similar categories, however, TV & Film represented 14.3% of the ads and Kids & Family represented 7.4% of the ads.

Top 5 shows and what brands advertised

  • Big Brother Canada 7 & Big Brother 21 Recaps & Live Feed Updates from Rob Has a Podcast — TV & Film — 14 ads from and Staples
  • The Christopher Scott Show Talk Radio — News & Politics — 14 ads from and Staples
  • Modern Love — Society & Culture — 8 ads from Lands’ End
  • Couple Therapy — Comedy — 7 ads from Care/of
  • The Longest Shortest Time — Kids & Family — 7 ads from, Lands’ End, and Sun Basket

So who’s advertising on podcasts

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